If you manage a website, you are aware of how challenging it can be to convince visitors to stay on your page and much more so to make a purchase! The layout of your landing page is quite significant and can be done by professional freelancer landing page designers in USA.

Landing pages are created with the goal of converting site visitors into leads or customers by drawing their attention to your value proposition and encouraging them to take one of the predetermined actions, such as making a purchase, completing a form, or signing up for a free trial.

However, it can be challenging to separate out from the crowd with the abundance of options and rivals on the market. To do this, you must design a compelling landing page customised for your company.

Elements of a Landing Page

  1. A Captivating Headline – A landing page needs a well-written headline, one that is fascinating in fact, that clearly explains to the page visitor what he will receive.
  2. A strong sub-headline that encapsulates the advantages they will experience by providing their information and signing up as one of your leads.
  3. An attention-grabbing and pertinent image – An eye-catching image that is pertinent to your offer is equally crucial. A image of the product you are marketing would make an excellent contender.
  4. An easy-to-use form, which is the area of the landing page where information about visitors is explicitly gathered. This paragraph needs to be succinct and to the point. Only the visitor’s name and email address are typically collected by landing page forms.
  5. A call to action – call to action, which typically takes the shape of a button. Some of the finest examples of this are “Download” or “Submit,” though you can get more inventive by creating more precise calls-to-action like “Get Your Ebook” or “Claim Your Free Gift,” to name a few.

Steps to hire a freelancer to build your landing page.

1. Describe the Landing Page You Want to Build and Detail its Goals

Write down and describe the type of landing pages you want as well as each of the landing pages’ goals before you engage a freelancer to design them for you. This is a very important phase because it serves as the foundation for the freelancer’s creation of your landing pages. It should go without saying that you should be as specific and explicit as you can when outlining your expectations for the landing pages they will be creating.You must keep in mind that you will be essentially handing them the keys to the kingdom, and that whatever they discover in your records, they will accomplish. Additionally, this action will assure that there won’t be any  form of miscommunication between you and the freelancer when it comes to your requirements.

2. What is your ideal – the lead generation freelancer you want to hire?

So you’ve finished writing down your landing page requirements. The next step is to now write what it is you are looking for in a landing page designers in USA to handle your landing page tasks.

1.web design skills – are necessary for creating a landing page. A freelancer needs to be aware of the best locations for each of the landing page’s components since not only do those spots look beautiful, but they also increase conversion rates.While knowing how to code is a plus, it’s not a need, so the freelancer you hire should at least be familiar with the fundamentals. All these components that will make up your landing page should be able to be added, moved, and configured by them. They should also be able to appropriately arrange where the information will be stored and add the landing page to your website.Which components need to be visible above the fold? When the landing page be in the form of a pop-up window or a separate page? What is the wait time or what action does the visitor need to initiate for the pop up to appear? The freelancer you’re looking to hire should have the technical knowledge to implement these things.

2. Copywriting abilities – The copy or content on a landing page is one of the most crucial components. Someone who can craft attention-grabbing headlines will be necessary if you want to draw people in.This ability will also be necessary for the sub-headline and the body of content that makes up the remainder of the landing page. These passages of text ought to be able to explain the advantages of the good or service you’re offering in return for the visitor’s contact information.Having said that, these advantages ought to be properly stated in accordance with marketing guidelines. What will this do for me? is a question that needs to be addressed. and possess the clarity state how the new lead can benefit from signing up for the said offer.

3. Marketing skills – A lot of what we see on a landing page is pure marketing, thus you need marketing abilities. A landing page’s entire idea is basically marketing in and of itself. Although you won’t need require a marketing specialist to create your landing pages, it would be quite advantageous for you to work with someone who has a keen understanding of the industry.Find a someone who is knowledgeable about the psychology of purchasing. Someone who has the capacity to penetrate the thoughts of a prospective visitor in order to ascertain what can motivate these people to sign up.The freelancer you choose should at the very least be aware of what drives a potential lead. They must comprehend what it is about a deadline that may draw people in. They must to understand what kind of images attract people’s attention as well as the kind of images that can help gain their trust.

4. Graphic design skills – Although it is not a prerequisite, having graphic design abilities is a plus if you plan to engage someone to manage your landing pages. We are all aware of how important it is for web pages to have appealing visuals and images.

3. Use a site like FreeeUp to request, meet, and hire a freelancer

It’s not exactly simple to hire a freelancer, especially with all the aforementioned characteristics. Of course, it will take some time until you locate the ideal match.The good news is that you don’t have to go through the full hiring process the old-fashioned way, spending a lot of time searching through various resumes and holding numerous interviews. Instead, you can use specialist marketplaces like FreeeUp. You receive assistance in hiring the freelancer you require to create your landing page, and all the grunt work is done for you. The fact that they have pre-screened freelancers in their pool who are prepared to be presented to you is what makes FreeeUp so effective.

Just follow these simple steps for you to get started:

1. Register as a customer. Before you can begin hiring, you must be a member of the FreeeUp network. You may sign up in little more than ten minutes. Similar to registering for an email address, usually. You now have access to hundreds of pre-screened freelancers you may interview and potentially work with after successfully completing the enrollment procedure.

2. Submit your freelancer request. This is where FreeeUp shines because it eliminates the need for drawn-out evaluations and interviews to help you locate the freelancer who best fits your demands. Considering that FreeeUp has already taken care of all of things for you. You can be sure you’re hiring the ideal candidate for your project thanks to their stringent multiple-interview procedure. Their pool of freelancers has already been pre-vetted to include only the best of thousands of applications received per week – thus the tag “Top 1%.”

3. Hire the freelancer of your choosing — After the introduction, you can now schedule a 15–20 minute interview with the freelancer. Because the freelancer already possesses the talents you requested, it is rather brief. The interview’s goal is to help you determine whether you and the freelancer you were introduced to are a good fit. When you’ve made up your mind that the freelancer is the right fit for you, you can hire them. If you don’t think you’re a good fit, you may also offer feedback and ask to be introduced to another freelancer, or you can employ someone and do a little test project to allay any concerns.

4. Manage freelancers – FreeeUp’s fantastic service doesn’t stop after a freelancer is hired. Once you’ve made the decision to hire someone, you can supervise them using your FreeeUp account. The FreeeUp assistants will also provide support for the duration of the process. Before starting work, it is advised that you meet with the freelancer you hired to establish expectations for the hours, modes of communication, and deadlines you will both be facing.

5. Onboard with clear expectations- The next step is to properly onboard the freelancer you believe suits your needs for a landing page specialist and to establish clear expectations before you start.Remember the details we asked you to take note of in step number one? You must bring that up and talk to the recently hired freelancer about it.

Discuss with them the specifics of the layout and purpose of each landing page that you’ll be asking them to create. What configuration do you want the parts in? Which ones ought to be highlighted? How exactly will your call to action be phrased? And so forth.

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